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About the Body Politik.


Stemming from a strong belief that everyone should have access to self-care services, The Body Politik provides a non-judgmental and accepting space for all people regardless of where they fall on the gender spectrum. Big bodies, little bodies, cis bodies, trans bodies, battle-scarred or airbrush-perfect: Every body is beautiful. Every body is deserving of care.

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Carmen Perez, owner of The Body Politik Wax Bar.


A two-time Blanche MacDonald graduate and Vancouver native, Carmen has been working in the Esthetics field since graduation from her program in 2013. A licensed Nail Tech as well as Esthetician, she decided early on to focus on skincare with an emphasis on waxing. She believes in a having a zero shy factor and a no-nonsense approach, meaning that all questions are welcome and never considered silly.

Feel free to email Carmen with your questions or concerns, or to book an appointment online.


I’ve been going to Carmen for two years now and she is absolutely fantastic. She’s fast, friendly, and super detail oriented. My experience with her has been an extremely positive one and I would definitely recommend her to my friends, family, and anyone else with too much hair where hair ought not be.
The Body Politik - Testimonial AvatarShahin Hosseini
Carmen is the bomb! I came to her to get my first Brazilian. She assured me that I’d be totally fine, as I was pretty nervous. Carmen was great and professional and I have been going to her every 3 weeks ever since! No judgment and good banter. I recommend her to everyone looking to have a professional and relaxed waxing experience. Thanks girl!
The Body Politik - Testimonial AvatarJustine Sane
I’ve been getting waxed by Carmen for over two years now and she’s great at making a potentially awkward situation comfortable and gives the least painful wax I’ve ever had. She’s the only person I trust with my bits!
The Body Politik - Testimonial AvatarStephaney Bird
I feel smooth and sleek like a mythical god(dess) after going to see Carmen at The Body Politik today. Trust me on this folks – hard wax is THE way (especially if you’re a ginger) + she is all body positive, LBGTQ+ friendly, all gender friendly, a kind human and her prices are great. Every BODY is welcome and one can feel that energy immediately. I will recommend her to all of my friends.
The Body Politik - Testimonial AvatarJenny Magenta
Carmen makes an awkward situation instantly comfortable and I actually look forward to going through the pain to see her (although the pain is actually pretty minimal because she does such a stellar job)! Definitely a body positive atmosphere that Vancouver is lucky to have.
The Body Politik - Testimonial AvatarNajet G.
Carmen is one of the nicest people out there! Always fun to catch up with her. She definitely keeps you distracted while she does her business. Cannot recommend her enough!
The Body Politik - Testimonial AvatarJessica A.
Carmen is amazing! Best hard wax brazilian wax!!!!
The Body Politik - Testimonial AvatarAnna S.
Stumbled upon this place and am so glad I did, got a hard wax brazilian, was one of the least painful and least awkward waxes I’ve had. Will always come back.
The Body Politik - Testimonial AvatarAisling C.
Carmen is FANTASTIC!! I was looking for a better waxing experience and I certainly found it. Carmen is professional yet she puts you at ease right away with her warm personality. She is quick and precise and she is definitely 100% body positive which is something not often found in her profession. I will definitely be recommending Carmen to all of my lady friends!!
The Body Politik - Testimonial AvatarAmber E.
Recently got a brazilian here and opted for the hard wax and it was fantastic as far as waxing goes! Carmen was quick and efficient and less painful than previous wax experiences. Would definitely recommend this place.
The Body Politik - Testimonial AvatarLondon F.