CARMEN - founder. wax master. sass pants


I did a lot of exploring with my career before falling in love with esthetics. Originally intending to seek a career in counselling, I’d always had a love for beauty and fashion. After leaving my program and doing a little soul searching I decided to take the plunge and apply to Blanche Maconald.

After completing the spa program at BMC in 2013 I spent time at a few places around town, working with some talented people and gaining industry experience. Somehow though, I just never felt like I found my niche in these highly gendered environments, and observed a lack of sensitivity around diverse bodies that troubled me.

In 2015 I branched out on my own and created THE BODY POLITIK, a judgement free, inclusive space for all. Specializing in waxing; especially Brazilian waxing, I’m a big believer in education, and make sure to keep up to date on current services and techniques. I offer one of the quickest and least painful waxes you'll ever have.

ELVIS - sidekick. master snuggler. snore machine


 I met Elvis in 2011 through the Xolo Rescue League and it was love at first sight - in fact he tried to leave with me when I went to visit him at his foster. Elvis is a Chinese Crested / Xoloitzcuintli cross, and looks like a muppet with his little naked body and emo hairdo. He loves to use his voice and will greet you at the door if he’s not too busy napping in a sun puddle. The friendliest pupper around, a few pats on the head will usually result in kisses.


Zoe S (Google)

 I feel like the English language doesn't have high enough praise for Carmen and her mad waxing skills. She is super friendly, gives a relatively painless wax. Even when it hurts, I know it will be over quickly because she is a wizard and normally finishes a Brazilian in approx. 10 minutes. I visit once a month (and have been for six months) and have never once had anything other than a great experience. I also think it is important to mention this: I think this is a safe place for trans/non-binary folks to get a wax, part of the forms you fill out to book includes adding your pronouns (if her website didn't already clue you in). 

Emily B (Google)

 Carmen’s services are amazing, thorough, and quick while being at a beyond reasonable price. I give her the higheest recommendation. Going to Carmen, you will get so much more than a beauty treatment. She has created a space to make all bodies feel welcome. She boasts and practices body positivity which radiates from her to her clients. This woman changes lives! Thank you for being a kick ass aesthetician and human, Carmen! 

Vincent V (Facebook)

Carmen is instantly likeable and a very professional, safe, body-positive esthetician no matter what body you have (seriously, she probably wouldn't bat an eye if you had six heads). I'm also positive she has magic. She whipped my dark, course, virginal hair off half my body in no time at all and I never felt bruised or raw after. LGBTQI2 friendly+++. Thank you!

Luiza B (Yelp)

Had a great experience - which is not something you hear everyday from getting waxed. Being from Brazil, I almost invariably get disappointed when getting waxed abroad. The Body Politik was by far the best place I found! Even "Brazilian salons" in the city can't compare. Absolutely recommend it. It is now my go-to spot in Vancouver. 

Hannah H (Google)

Carmen is a total pro! Very welcoming and easy to talk to, plus she was super speedy and professional. As someone with a low pain tolerance, I found this experience quite pleasant and I would absolutely recommend and return. 

Amanda P (Google)

 Carmen was recommended to me by a friend and I haven't looked back. She makes you feel at ease with the process, takes care and prepares you for the real 'ouchies' of the wax. Her attention to detail and her clients as people is what makes me a regular customer. Could not recommend seeing her enough! 

Big bodies, little bodies, cis bodies, trans bodies, battle-scarred or airbrush-perfect:  Every body is deserving of care.