Stemming from a strong belief that everyone should have access to self-care services, The Body Politik provides a non-judgmental and accepting space for all people regardless of where they fall on the gender spectrum. Big bodies, little bodies, cis bodies, trans bodies, battle-scarred or airbrush-perfect: Every body is beautiful. Every body is deserving of care.

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Carmen - Owner/Esthetician


Blanche MacDonald graduate and Vancouver native, Carmen has been working in the Esthetics field since graduating in 2013. Her experiences working in the field prompted her to open The Body Politik in 2015 where she provides an inclusive, judgement free space for all. Specializing in waxing (especially Brazilian waxing), she’s a hard wax master, and offers one of the quickest and least painful waxes you'll ever have. 

Elvis - Shop Dog


Carmen met Elvis in 2011 through the Xolo Rescue League and it was love at first sight! Elvis is a Chinese Crested and looks like one of Jim Henson’s muppets with his little naked body and funny hairdo. He loves to use his voice and will greet you at the door if he’s not too busy napping in a sun puddle. The friendliest dog around, a few pats on the head are usually met with lightning quick kisses.