Accessing The Studio / Mobility

To access the studio there is an elevator and two sets of stairs, 6 on the first set and 9 on the second. so is, unfortunately, not wheelchair accessible at this time.

The studio has a motorized table for services which raises and lowers to make getting off and on an easier and more stable experience. 

Please be aware that when receiving waxing services you will sometimes be required to hold your body in certain positions for periods of time so that areas can be reached. Some modifications can be made to accommodate pregnant belies and different mobility levels, but some manipulation and pressure cannot be avoided.  

Scent / Sensory

Esthetics, by nature, isn't a scent free industry, and due to the nature of the products used the studio is not a scent free environment. 

For those with sensory needs music may be turned off at request.

Lighting is, by necessity, quite bright so that services can be performed with optimal results.

Allergies / Sensitivities

Natural Azulene and Lavender oils are present in the waxes I use, and post wax an Azulene oil is applied as an anti-inflammatory and to get rid of any leftover stickyness. Azulene is the active ingredient in chamomile.

No products with Tea Tree oil, nut oils, or Latex are used.

You may have noticed Elvis on the front page! Elvis's breeds are low allergen since he has hair like we do, not fur like most cats and dogs. That said, if you have extreme allergies when it comes to animal companions please exercise your own best judgement with regard to what is best for your health.